Road Trip!

10 April 15

Posted at 8:30

Next Monday I'll fly out to Denver, CO to meet up with my good friend, David Neal, for an epic week+ long road trip. David has spent the past few years dancing for the Alberta Ballet company, and is finally retuning to Richmond. I've left all the planning up to him, as it's more his trip than mine, but thankfully he has mapped out a course that should be truly awesome.



We'll almost immediately leave Denver to head towards  Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, where we'll camp and hopefully make some beautiful pictures.

From there we'll drive to St. Louis to meet up with his sister and brother in law. We'll be there for at least a couple days I think, with no real specific plans. I'll be looking for some photo ops, though... then we head to Memphis! 

In Memphis we'll meet up with another dancer friend of his and hopefully see a performance of Swan Lake. And then party... 


The last stretch of the trip before Richmond will take us to  Great Smokey Mt National Park, where once again we plan to camp out and take photos under the magnolia blossoms. So very bromantical...


I'll be doing my best to have photo updates here and/or on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, so be on the lookout! I'm super stoked to go on this trip with David and take photos of places and things that I normally wouldn't get to.



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